Monday, September 2, 2013

Saturday Singles League – August 31, 2013

The new course layout made its debut for the first time for the Saturday Singles League, having made its official debut last Monday. Looks like the locals have some re-learning to do when it comes to their home course.

Course par is 72 (Pro par is 54 which is the number that the handicaps are based on).

Results below (scratch score - handicap = league score)

1st  Gabe Bennett: 63 - 7 = 56
2nd  Tom Collins: 61 - 2 = 59
3rd  Dan Lindsay: 70 - 10 = 60
4th  Joe the Mason: 66 – 5 = 61
5th Vasbert Thompson: 78 – 16 = 62
6th Tye Cobb: 71 - 6 = 65

The current ace pot is capped at $250 and there is a carry-over ace pot that’s at about $71 and continues to build. No aces were hit this week so next week for Singles League the guaranteed $250 ace pot is still available. (Note: if more than one person hits an ace they split the $250. The carry-over ace pot does not come into play until the following Saturday after the current capped one is hit by one person or split by two or more.)

Saturday Singles Handicap League starts at 10am so you will need to be at the course and registered no later than 9:55am.

$5 + $1 ace (optional) = $6. Greens fees are separate at $5/round or $10/all day.

Directions to the course are here. Follow us on Facebook here.

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