Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Doubles - December 23, 2012

Chilly day to close out the Sunday Doubles League for 2012. Temperature was in the 20s, some breeze early on, but sunny.

Results below. Course par is 72. (Pro par = 55)

tied 1st  Dan Lindsay & Tom Collins  54
tied 1st  Dave Enman & Pete Hartson  54
3rd Shawn McMichael & Mason Walling 55
4th  Mike Bradford & Joe the Mason  56
tied 5th  JT & Tye Cobb  57
tied 5th  John Parcak & Jamie Merrill  57
7th  Ben Doucette & Brad Stone  59
tied 8th  Maryann Lander & Matt Young  61
tied 8th Jeremy Moulton & Paul Decesere  61

Nobody hit the ace today, so the ace pot goes into the bank and will not surface again until Sunday Doubles resumes in the spring of 2013. At that time, the ace pot will start at $211 genuine US dollars.

The clubhouse will be closing tomorrow, Monday, December 24, 2012 for the season. You can still play the course, but you MUST call the course phone, 522-8985, to let them know you are on the property. There are no greens fees until the clubhouse opens again in the spring of 2013.

Thanks from the Enmans for a great season! Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Handicap Singles League - Sat, Dec 22, 2012

Today was the last Singles League for the season. Nine golfers ventured out on a nice morning, low- to mid-40s, cloudy. Very wet from last night’s drenching rains.

Results below.

1st  Dan Lindsay: shot 66 - handicap 15 = 51
tied 2nd James Taylor: shot 67 - handicap 13 = 54
tied 2nd  Jeremy Moulten: shot 64 - handicap 10 = 54
tied 4th  Paul Decesere: shot 64 - handicap 9 = 55
tied 4th  Joe the Mason: shot 60 - handicap 5 = 55
6th  Tye Cobb: shot 63 - handicap 7 = 56
7th  Jamie Merrill: shot 64  - handicap 6 = 58
8th  Ben Doucette: shot 79 - handicap 18 = 61
9th Ryan Enman: DNF = DNF

No aces hit this week. The ace pot will be locked at $163 until next spring.  Saturday Singles League will pick-up again in the spring of 2013.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Doubles - Dec 9, 2012

Sunny, breezy, low-40s. Eighteen golfers = 9 teams this morning.

Results below. Course par is 72. (Pro par = 55)

1st  John Parcak & Casey Poussard  51
2nd JT & Matt Enman  53
3rd Jake Silver & Cloud Forrest  55
tied 4th  Dan Lindsay & Jamie Merrill  57
tied 4th  Matt Young & Vasbert Thompson  57
tied 4th  Brett Armstrong & Tom Collins  57
7th  Ben Doucette & Steve Lindsay  58
8th  Jason Wade & Joe the Mason  59
9th James Scovil & Paul Decesere  63

Ace pot is up to at least $135...that would make some nice holiday shopping money, emmiright???

Sunday doubles starts at 10am - sign up by 9:50am. 

$5 entry + $1 ace pot (optional) + $5 greens fees = $11. See yah next Sunday! Note: only two more Sunday Doubles before the course closes for the season: next Sunday (Dec 16) and the following Sunday, Dec 22.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Handicap Singles League - Sat, Dec 8, 2012

Cloudy and drizzly morning, temps in the 40s. Turned to rain as the round went on, but still 10 golfers up to the challenge. And wet.

Results below.

1st  Jamie Merrill: shot 58 - handicap 6 = 52
tied 2nd Steve Lindsay: shot 62 - handicap 7 = 55
tied 2nd  Joe the Mason: shot 60 - handicap 5 = 55
4th  Dan Lindsay: shot 72 - handicap 14 = 58
tied 5th  JT: shot 72 - handicap 13 = 59
tied 5th  Matt Young: shot 63 - handicap 4 = 59
tied 7th  Cloud Forrest: shot 66  - handicap 6 = 60
tied 7th  Paul Decesere: shot 69 - handicap 9 = 60
tied 7th Brett Armstrong: shot 79 - handicap 19 = 60
10th Matt Enman: shot 64 - handicap 2 = 62

No aces hit this week so next Saturday’s ace pot will start at $146.

Handicap Singles League: Saturday mornings, start time is 10am so make sure you register by 9:50am.

$5 entry + $1 optional ace pot + greens fees ($5 or $10) and you’re in! With the course closing on Monday, December 24 (presuming bad weather doesn’t shut it down before that), there are only two more Saturday Singles league rounds left this year. Next week, (Dec 15) and Dec 22.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Singles League - Sat, Nov 24, 2012

Working off some of the gluttony from Thanksgiving, 9 golfers were out on an unseasonably warm Saturday morning, temperature was in the mid/high-40s but cloudy. A drizzle here and there but nothing worth opening the umbrella for.

Results below.

1st  Ben Doucette: shot 67 - handicap 18 = 49
tied 2nd Dan Lindsay: shot 65 - handicap 14 = 51
tied 2nd  Joe the Mason: shot 56 - handicap 5 = 51
4th  Jamie Merrill: shot 58 - handicap 5 = 53
5th  JT: shot 67 - handicap 13 = 54
6th  Paul Decesere: shot 64 - handicap 9 = 55
tied 7th  Jon Jones: shot 70  - handicap 11 = 59
tied 7th  Brett Armstrong: shot 78 - handicap 19 = 59
9th Jason Wade: shot DNF - handicap 14 = DNF

No aces hit this week which means next Saturday’s ace pot will start at $130.

Handicap Singles League: Saturday mornings, start time is 10am so make sure you register by 9:50am.

$5 entry + $1 optional ace pot + greens fees ($5 or $10) and you’re in! 

With the course closing on Monday, December 24 (presuming bad weather doesn’t shut it down before that), there are only four more Saturday Singles league rounds left this year. Next week (Dec 1), then Dec 8, Dec 15 and Dec 22.

Handicaps for Pilot Numbers - Nov 24, 2012

1----Ryan Enman---------7
2----Rebecca Enman----36
3----Matt Enman---------1
5----Dave Enman--------13
6----Brian Enman--------5
11--John Hodkiewicz----6
13---Joe the Mason------5
14---John Parcak---------11
15---Mike Piirainen-----11
16---Travis Vicary-------17
19---Mark Horton-------14
20---Matt Young---------4
22---Mary Horton-------15
23---Ryan Andrews-----10
24---Dustin Perkins------6
25---Jake Worgull-------18
26---Scott Monroe------16
27---Ryan Curran--------5
28---John Rutter---------28
29---Bill Gehman-------13
30---Lucas Butler--------2
32---Seth Emerson------25
33---Eddie Bischoff-----17
34---Josh Weed-----------5
35---Justin Gott----------2
36---Mike Subilia-------13
37---Tim Kenney--------22
38---Josh Stoll-----------6
40---James Taylor------13
41---Justin Hardy-------14
42---Dan Lindsay-------13
43---Duncan Crowley--10
45---Jason Wade--------14
46---Josh York-----------12
47---Jeremy Moulton----10
48---Terry Hamel--------14
51---Chris Honey--------10
52---James Merrill-------5
55---Pete Lombardo-----13
56---Jim Ouellette-------12
60---Martin Harper------13
61---Tyler Pelkey--------14
62---Andrew Catalina---19
63---Sean Murphy-------5
64---Seth Dickinson-----4
65---Justin Pelkey------17
66---Bruno Asselin-----16
67---Manny Dasilva----23
68---Mike Lane----------9
69---Paul Decesere------9
70---Luke Bulley-------17
71---Sarah Ripley-------20
72---Kim Asselin-------25
74---Austin Spencer----21
75---Korey King--------12
77---Ben Phippen--------10
79---Cam Darby---------16
80---Tyer Asselin--------12
81---Israel Grant--------14
82---Zack Woodward---17
83---Tristan Werner----11
84---Jen Decesere-------28
85---Jared Hunnefeld---20
86---James Scovil------16
89---Erik Poulsen-------17
90---Thom Schwarz----12
91---Allen Adams--------8
92---Phil Avery----------14
93---Josh Lynch----------3
94---Chris McCue-------20
95---Dan Sanborn--------8
96---Tammie Scovil-----36
97---Andrea Dickinson--24
99---Steve Myers--------13
101-John Griffeths-------9
102-Justice Sherrick-----17
103-Jamie White---------6
104-Brandon Hardy-----15
105-Josh Smith-----------9
106-Nate Rosenbeck----12
107-Karl Rasche---------13
108-Chris Thorne--------16
109-Kevin Thomas------16
110-Andy Gallant--------11
112-Jon Jones------------11
113-Steve Burriss--------17
114-Dennis Lang---------14
116-Hadley Burrill-------7
117-Mason Walling------6
118-Ben Dugas-----------22
120-Tom Burg------------12
121-Kyle Leeman--------6
122-Vasbert Thompson-17
124-Jason Good----------18
125-Ryan Curry-----------8
126-Rick Abbott----------12
128-Chris Brunick---------6
130-Zack Curry-----------10
132-Peter Plank-----------14
133-Shane Eaton----------12
134-Kirk Ginish----------18
135-Andrew Hardin------18
136-Keagan Rae----------16
137-Greg Plank-----------16
139-Matt Stillwagon------0
140-Conall Stillwagon---19
141-Ben Brown-----------16
143-Tucker Davis---------6
145-Matt Louis-----------17
146-Sean Kinney---------23
147-Tyler Secord---------16
150-Ethan Guerette------10
151-Mark Crichton------12
152-Aaron Wasson------10
154-Jay Hayes------------4
155-Anthony Wu--------12
156-Dennis Rose--------15
157-Todd Ramsey-------12
158-Chris Aquilina------19
159-Mike Kaelin---------19
160-Tim Bremm---------16
161-Kris Lewis-----------18
164-Frank Lombardo----14
165-Aaron Parcak--------6
166-Cody Martell--------13
167-Andrew Johnson----17
168-Jason Buckwalter---20
170-Dale Goodman------20
171-Terry Pinkham------12
172-Jasper Hall-----------10
173-Teeg Palmer---------15
174-Matt Beaulieu-------13
175-Adam West----------8
177-Jarod McBreairty---13
178-Brad Greenlaw------7
179-Mike Clune----------8
180-Tristan Hurlburt----19
181-James Vanidestine--15
182-Robert Clune--------16
183-Kyle Morin----------14
184-Willy Fenn----------16
185-Alex Cove----------18
186-Joel Whitney-------16
188-Jason Hill------------8
189-Ryan Grindle--------15
190-Josh LaPointe-------11
192-Chris Phinney-------9
193-Matty Cassidy------11
194-Mike Bassi-----------7
195-JP Lalonde----------13
196-Joe McArthy--------13
197-Charlie Reinstein---15
198-Skip Hawley--------12
199-Jenni Craig----------36

200-Josh Hallsey-------18
201-Adam Kearns------17
202-Paul Warner--------16
203-Beth Weston-------20
204-Chris Footer-------20
205-Chris Maguire------8
206-Kirby Kelly--------13
207-Amanda Post-------29
209-Shane Brown-------25
210-Jeremy Karam-----10
211-Mike Silvia---------11
212-Chris Tanis---------10
213-Jeff Morrison------11
214-Darin Woodman---12
215-Nick Fiore----------13
216-Adam Sutherland--10
217-Steve Lindsay------7
218-Ryan Warner-------12
219-Ryan Balfe---------13
221-Joe Robicheau-----9
222-Marcus Files-------11
224-Casey Poussard----4
225-Andrew Kenney---20
226-John Harvey-------13
227-Tye Cobb-----------7
228-Andy Rasche-------8
230-Teddy Cooke-------9
231-Steve Brooks------20
232-Jon Penner---------10
233-Matt Richardson--13
234-Brendan Burgess--17
235-Caleb Savage------14
236-Neil Podolski------28
237-Jerry Hayes--------18
238-Eric Brooks--------8
239-Brad Brown-------10
240-Matt Logan--------22
241-Will Kester--------13
242-Matt Duperry------9
243-Corey Lewis-------20
244-Patrick Lyons------12
245-Rachel Elwell------19
246-Mark Sturgeon-----18
247-Rick Beckman-----18
248-Sean Von Pusl-------8
249-Hank Davis----------8
250-Anthony Knowlton-16
251-Mike Bradford------13
252-Andy Jones----------12
253-Bohn Gilbride------14
254-Christine Morrison-24
255-Ryan Russell--------16
256-Rick Wing-----------16
257-Matt Boehmer-------14
258-Tom Varnum--------18
259-Nick Burns----------19
260-Scott Tame----------9
261-Bruce Hews---------16
262-William Davis------23
263-Miles Bisher--------15
264-Mike Anderson-----17
265-Patrick Campbell---17
266-Trevor Kettell-------15
267-Joel Whitney--------10
268-Todd Robertson-----12
269-Jake Silver-----------11
270-Brad Stone-----------10
271-Matt Helfan---------19
272-Scott Conary--------16
273-Tyler Eagan-----------8
274-Ian MacDonald-------7
275-Brandon Jones------16
276-Tom Collins----------8
277-Rad Mitchell--------16
278-Alex Chapman------3
279-Zach Gellerson------20
280-Mark Smith----------10
281-Steve Gray-----------8
282-Desirae Belanger----23
283-Ted Murray----------11
284-Chris Coleman------24
285-Adam Duncan-------16
286-Caleb Fernald--------23
287-Max Bartlett---------12
288-Ben Doucette--------18
289-Luke Herrling-------12
290-John Collins---------12
291-Chris Cawley--------16
292-Josh McGee---------14
293-Jenn Baker-----------13
294-Jason Johnson-------22
295-Dan Hirst-------------22
296-Alex Pappas---------12
297-Levi Cote------------15
298-Matt Fenner---------13
299-Brent Kneeland-----15
300-Tiffany Leadbetter-16
301-Andrew Picard-------9
302-Travis Blackner------5
303-Brett Armstrong----19
304-Derek Whited-------16
305-Travis Brooker-----14
306-Logan Scott---------16
307-Ben Cox-------------11
308-Scott Feeney--------16
309-Jay Hill--------------12
310-Fred Veilleux-------13
311-Dan Schlaefer-------25
312-Alex Pacheco-------10
313-Eric Collins---------10
314-David Teixeira------15
315-Kyle Allen----------18
316-Mike Deschaine----12
317-Jim Burkhart-------17
318-Alex Brookings-----9
319-Scott Murray Jr-----8
320-Ben Silver----------12
321-Chris Smith--------14
322-Brian Carr----------14
323-John Snow----------11
324-Kara Taheny--------31
325-Jake Mitchell-------20
326-Kris Carlson--------16
327-Dave McAvoy-----13
328-Dustin Ouellette---21
329-Rick Irvin-----------14
330-Ben Hafford--------14
331-Marie Jordan-------40
332-Matt Pelletier--------7
333-Tyler Grindle-------20
334-Derek Duff----------16
335-JJ Fidler-------------19
336-Tony Bogan---------15
337-Ryan Graham-------15
338-Josh Parent----------21
339-Bret Brookings-----11
340-Colin McNamara--12
341-Ian Fidler------------26
342-Matt Perkins--------16
343-Dave Jeffrey--------13
344-Craig Kneeland-----19
345-Travis Thomas------14
346-Kody Allcroft-------20
347-Mike McLaughlin--26
348-Cameron Masters--19
420 -Mary Ann Lander--39
688-Cloud Forrest--------6
917-Noah Fecteau--------2

The course par is 72. Handicaps are based upon the PRO par for the course, which is 55.