Friday, December 18, 2009

1,000th Visitor Today!

The site got its one thousandth visitor today! What better way to celebrate that with the long-delayed picture of the Orrington Disc Golf team that played in November's North vs South tournament.

Front row (left to right): Ryan Curran, Justin Gott, Joe the Mason, Ryan Enman.
Back row: John Hodkiewicz, Terry Pinkham, Lucas Butler, Mike Piirainen, Josh Stoll, Mike Laterreur, Ryan Andrews, John Blakley, Dustin Perkins.
Missing from photo: Brian Enman, Joe Baker, Gabe Geal and Scott Krieski.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Team Challenge Held at Orrington DGC

The Team Challenge Doubles league, now in its second month, hit the crunchy-snow-covered DR Disc Golf Course on Sunday in Orrington, December 13, 2009. Forty-eight golfers made up the twenty-four doubles teams to take part in the December edition of this once-a-month event.

Justin Gott, Beatz, and Nick

Weather early in the day was sunny and chilly in the mid-30s, but no wind. By afternoon, the wind picked up a bit as clouds moved in. The second round finished just as darkness was taking over. A rain/sleet storm started as teams were leaving, but all were able to get home safely, some a bit later than others.

Team results are below.


Woodland A.....164...170...334 1st (two months in a row)

DR Disc Golf.....173...166...339 2nd

Acker's A.........174...167...341 (Paco's team)

Acker's C.........170...172...342 (Leeman's team)

Acker's B.........173...173...346 (Gippy’s t eam)


Pleasant Hill.....174...176...350

Woodland B.....188....184...372

Note: Each team consisted of six players, making up three doubles teams. Playing for our club (Orrington) was: Justin Gott, Matt Enman, Tom 'Binks' Albert, Noah Fecteau, Owen Holland and Joe the Mason. Scores are the combined scores of the three doubles team for each club added together.

Dave and Ryan Enman check scorecards

Next month the tournament will be held at Acker's Acres in Bowdoinham on Sunday, January 24th, 2010. Here is the link to their club’s website.

Looking at the basket of 2

Getting ready on the tee of 15

Please note that the above date is still being discussed and could change. All discussions concerning the Team Challenge, including information regarding the dates and locations, can be found here on the Maine Disc Golfers website forum. Check it out often.

Thanks to everyone who organized and/or played in the this event and a big thanks to everyone for making trip to Orrington to check out Maine’s newest disc golf course. See you at Acker’s Acres next month.

The creek on fairway of 11 is starting to freeze over

Putting on 18

Happy and safe holidays to you and your families from the gang at DR Disc Golf. Make 'play more disc golf' one of your New Year resolutions and we'll see you next year.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Final Sunday Doubles of the Season

With a fresh five or six inches of snow on the ground, twelve golfers headed out for what will be the final Sunday doubles of the year. A few discs were lost under the snow despite long searches with everyone in the group doing the snow-shuffle. The snow-shuffle is when everyone looks for a lost disc by swinging one foot left and right through the snow to move it out of the way to locate the disc.

Par is 72. Results below.

Ryan Andrews & Noah Fecteau...57 1st

Rob Aquino & Joe the Mason.....59 tied for 2nd/split

Matt Young & Justin Gott.........59 tied for 2nd/split

John Parcak & Kevin Lord.........62

Dustin Perkins & Ryan Curran.....63

Joe Baker & John Blakley.........63

photo of basket 18 by Justin Gott

The ace was not hit and will start next season at $156.

Regarding next season, Wednesday afternoon doubles will start again on April 7, 2010 at 5pm. 5pm is the tee off time, so get there at least 10 minutes before to register and get your greens fees all squared away.

The clubhouse will be closing next Sunday, December 13. After that date, if you want to play you can, BUT you must call 522-8985 to let DR Disc Golf know you will be on the property. If you want to buy any plastic or other items that are normally on sale in the clubhouse, you can also call that number to arrange a time to meet up with Dave or Ryan Enman.

Happy holidays! Thanks to all for making the first few months of DR Disc Golf a hit. See yah next year...unless we see each other before then.

Check back here soon for some nice pictures of the snow-covered course.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Updated Pilot Numbers

Orrington Disc Golf Handicaps for Pilot Numbers

*as of 12/4/2009


1-------Ryan Enman---------10

2-------Rebecca Rackler----34

3-------Matt Enman-----------3

5-------Dave Enman---------15

6-------Brian Enman----------5

11-----John Hodkiewicz-----6

13-----Joe the Mason--------7

14-----John Parcak----------22

15-----Mike Piirainen-------12

16-----Travis Vicary---------16

17-----Kaj Thomsen----------7

18-----John Blakley----------7

19-----Mark Horton----------16

20-----Matt Young-----------16

21-----Joe Baker-------------15

22-----Mary Horton----------16

23-----Ryan Andrews--------13

24-----Dustin Perkins--------13

25-----Jake Worgull---------19

26-----Scott Monroe---------16

27-----Ryan Curran-----------8

28-----John Rutter-----------31

29-----Bill Gehman----------22

30-----Lucas Butler-----------8

31-----Brendon Beote-------9

32-----Seth Emerson---------25

33-----Eddie Bischoff--------22

34-----Josh Weed------------19

35-----Justin Gott-------------5

36-----Mike Subilia-----------16

37-----Tim Kenney-----------24

38-----Josh Stoll-------------11

39-----Brad Kearns-----------19

76-----Rob Aquino-----------14

87-----Owen Holland---------7

The course’s regular par is 72. Handicaps are based upon the PRO par for the course, which is 54.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Philadelphia Disc Golf - Sedgley Woods in Philly

There is a guy who produces a disc golf show in the Philadelphia/NJ/Delaware area called Disc Golf Monthly. Kevin McGorry has been shooting, editing and producing this show for many years, since about 2004. It started out being carried only by a couple of local channels in the Philly area, but after some persistence, Kevin was able to get the show on Comcast's "On Demand" channel. He continues to this day to produce a new show each month and covers disc golf in the Philadelphia disc golf area.

As a note, in PA/NJ/DE/VA/MD, most disc golf courses are in state parks, so it is the park service that takes care of the land such as mowing, etc. Disc golfers, however, maintain the courses (baskets, scorecards, etc) on an all-volunteer basis. The club at each course also runs their tournaments.

The disc golf course in Philadelphia was put into the ground in March of 1977, but an organized club did not form until a few years later. Learn about it here if you're interested. (This is from 2004)

In addition to covering history of courses, Kevin also records tournaments and below is a clip of one of Sedgley Woods' most beloved tournaments, the Paul Fein Memorial (but Paul is actually still alive and kicking). Note: you may recognize someone in this clip. The second half of this clip is not on YouTube, so it's not available. This is from the 2004 tourney.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Doubles

We set a new record for Sunday Doubles today with 22 people in it to win it. Another great autumn day for some disc golf, sunny, mid-to-high 40s.

Par is 72. Results below.

Mike Thorn & Justin Gott............55 tied for 1st/split

Dave Enman & Noah Fecteau........55 tied for 1st/split

Matt Young & John Hodkiewicz.....56 3rd

Matt Richardson & Joe the Mason...57

Joe Baker & Kevin Lord..............58

Rob Aquino & Pete Hartson.........58

Ryan Andrews and Own Holland....58

Dustin Perkins & Ryan Enman.......58

Mike Piirainen & Ryan Curran.......58

Josh Stoll & John Blakley............61

John Parcak & Terry Pinkham.......64

The ace was not hit and will start next week at $145.

Orrington Disc Golf Handicaps for Pilot Numbers

*as of 11/28/2009

1-----Ryan Enman--------10
2-----Rebecca Rackler---34
3-----Matt Enman---------3
5-----Dave Enman--------15
11----John Hodkiewicz---7
13----Joe the Mason------7
14----John Parcak--------22
15----Mike Piirainen-----12
16----Travis Vicary-------16
17----Kaj Thomsen-------7
18----John Blakley-------6
19----Mark Horton--------16
20----Matt Young---------16
21----Joe Baker----------16
22----Mary Horton--------16
23----Ryan Andrews------13
24----Dustin Perkins-----13
25----Jake Worgull------19
26----Scott Monroe------16
27----Ryan Curran--------7
28----John Rutter--------31
29----Bill Gehman-------23
30----Lucas Butler--------8
31----Brendon Beote-----9
32----Seth Emerson------25
33----Eddie Bischoff-----22
34----Josh Weed---------19
35----Justin Gott----------5
36----Mike Subilia--------16
37----Tim Kenney--------24
76----Rob Aquino---------13
87----Owen Holland------7

The course’s regular par is 72. Handicaps are based upon the PRO par for the course, which is 54.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Team Challenge Tournament, DR Disc Golf ties for 3rd

Last Sunday, six golfers representing the Orrington DGC drove down to Scarborough to play in the first Team Challenge. This once-a-month tournament will take place at a different course each time, and will be played in a doubles format.

Pleasant Hill disc golf course hosted the first in this Team Challenge series. Each team brought 6 players to create their own 3 doubles teams. Teams could be shuffled around after the first round if they wanted.

Results are below, however I don’t know which courses each of the teams were from in most cases. They created team names, but what course they were from was not posted with the results. The team strokes total is listed after the team name.

1st: Grizzlies 280 $252

2nd: Acker's Red 296 $84

T3rd: D.R. Disc Golf 300

T3rd: Pleasant Hill 1 300

5th: Acker's Dirty Bird's 306

6th: Acker's Black 308

7th: Pleasant Hill 2 322

8th: Black Bears 333

The D.R. Disc golf team consisted of: Ryan Enman, Joe Baker, Matt Enman, Noah Fecteau, Brian Skirman and Matt Kinney. There will be alternates playing at different tournaments depending on golfer availability.

The next event will be held Sunday, December 13 at the Orrington DGC, with a 9am start. Orrington’s Sunday Doubles league will still be held with a 10am tee off time on that day.

More information about the Team Challenge tournament can be found on the Maine Disc Golfer’s website.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Doubles

Fourteen golfers on hand this Sunday morning for doubles. Sunny, cloudless sky with occassional gusts of wind, temps low/mid 50s.

Par is 72. Results below.

Terry Pinkham & Lucas Butler...55 1st

Mike Subilia & Joe the Mason...57 tied 2nd/split

Josh Stoll & John Hodkiewicz...57 tied 2nd/split

Matt Richardson & Kevin Lord...57 tied 2nd/split

Josh Weed & Owen Holland.....58

Rob Aquino & Justin Gott........58

Brendon Beote & John Blakley..60

No aces were hit so the ace pot will start at $124 next Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Orrington Disc Golf Handicaps for Pilot Numbers


1-----Ryan Enman-------10

2-----Rebecca Rackler--34

3-----Matt Enman---------3

5------Dave Enman-------15

11----John Hodkiewicz---7

13----Joe the Mason------7

14----John Parcak--------22

15----Mike Piirainen-----13

16----Travis Vicary-------17

17----Kaj Thomsen--------7

18----John Blakley--------6

19----Mark Horton--------16

20----Matt Young---------16

21----Joe Baker----------17

22----Mary Horton--------16

23----Ryan Andrews------13

24----Dustin Perkins------13

25----Jake Worgull-------19

26----Scott Monroe-------16

27----Ryan Curran----------6

28----John Rutter---------31

29----Bill Gehman---------23

30----Lucas Butler----------8

31----Brendon Beote-------9

32----Seth Emerson-------25

76----Rob Aquino----------13

87----Owen Holland--------7

*as of 11/20/2009

The course’s regular par is 72. Handicaps are based upon the PRO par for the course, which is 54.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Doubles

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Hardly anybody.

Hardly anybody who?

Hardly anybody showed up for Sunday doubles this morning.

Though it rained wicked hahd overnight, no drops fell during the doubles round, which was attended by six people. Cloudy with temps in the high 50s, it was a nice, Fall day.

Par is 72. Results below.

Josh Weed & Joe the Mason...54 tied 1st/split

Ryan Enman & Noah Fecteau..54 tied 1st/split

Rob Aquino & Mike Laterreur..59

No aces were hit. Next week's ace pot will start at $110.

The overnight rain was heavy enough that the creeks were overflowing and a couple of the bridges were water-level. The bridge on fairway of hole two was underwater and was removed. It will be replaced once the levels drop back down. There was a lot of water.

*not taken at Orrington disc golf course

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Orrington Disc Golf Handicaps for Pilot Numbers

*as of 11/13/2009


1-----Ryan Enman---------10

2-----Rebecca Rackler----34

3-----Matt Enman-----------3

5------Dave Enman--------15

11----John Hodkiewicz----7

13----Joe the Mason--------7

14----John Parcak----------22

15----Mike Piirainen--------13

16----Travis Vicary----------16

17----Kaj Thomsen----------7

18----John Blakley----------6

19----Mark Horton----------16

20----Matt Young-----------16

21----Joe Baker------------18

22----Mary Horton----------16

23----Ryan Andrews--------13

24----Dustin Perkins-------13

25----Jake Worgull--------19

26----Scott Monroe--------17

27----Ryan Curran----------6

28----John Rutter----------31

29----Bill Gehman---------24

30----Lucas Butler----------8

31----Brendon Beote-------9

32----Seth Emerson-------25

76----Rob Aquino----------13

87----Owen Holland-------8

The course’s regular par is 72. Handicaps are based upon the PRO par for the course, which is 54.

Friday, November 13, 2009

'Net Visitors from Philadelphia's Sedgley Woods

In the next few days, some disc golfers from the Philadelphia area may be stopping by to check out our website. The new issue of their quarterly newsletter, NiceUp!, has an article about the course in it as written by Joe the Mason. A few copies of the issue are in the clubhouse.

Hello and welcome Philadelphia-area disc golfers and welcome to the Orrington Disc Golf course. Hope to see you soon, ayuh. You can get he-yah from they-ah.

Friends of Sedgley Woods, Philadelphia, PA (photo courtesy of Josh Hughes)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Doubles

Beautiful fall day with nothing but sunshine (not a cloud in the sky) and temperature getting into the mid-50s. Eighteen golfers showed up this morning for doubles, but only a couple made it today who had also played all day yesterday as part of the North vs South tourney.

Results below. Par is 72.

Terry Pinkham & Pete Hartson.....52 1st

Brendon Beote & Joe the Mason...53 tie for 2nd/split

Matt Kinney & Noah Fecteau.......53 tie for 2nd/split

Brian Skirman & Matt Enman.......56

Mike Martin & Kevin Lord...........58

Alden Strong & Gippy...............60

Kristy Smith & John Hodkiewicz...61

John Parcak & Dave Enman.........64

No aces were hit, so next week’s Ace Pot begins at $104.

Doubles starts at 10am. $5 ($1 ace pot optional). Non-members also have their $4 greens fees or can continue on if they’ve already paid $8 for all-day golf.

Coffee provided.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Caribou downs Orrington in North vs South Tourney

The North vs South Civil War tournament happened today at the Orrington Disc Golf course. Sixteen disc golfers made their way down to Orrington from their course in Caribou to take on Orrington’s golfers in a three-round, match-play event. In the end, the North won in big fashion, turning on the crushinator and beating Orrington on their home course by a score of 82 1/2 to 61 1/2.

Each team had 8 doubles teams for the first round, 8 doubles teams for the second round, and 16 golfers for the third round singles match play.

First round was doubles, best shot match play. Six points were available to each pairing: 2 points for the front 9 holes, 2 points for the back 9, and 2 points for overall.

Caribou: 27 points

Orrington: 21 points

Second round was doubles, best disc match play. Six points were again available to each pairing.

Caribou: 32

Orrington: 16

Third round was singles, match play. Three points were available to each pairing: 1 point for the front 9, 1 point for the back 9, and 1 point for the overall.

Caribou: 23 1/2

Orrington: 24 1/2

Golfers for Caribou included: George Michaels, Mike Plourde, Derek Ouellette, Rob Aquino, Virgil Rideout, Brian ‘Scurvy’ Skirman, Corey Vincent, Tom ‘Binks’ Albert, Rob Udnerwood, Jay Michaud, Matt Kinney, Nate Harris, Sheldon Hyde, Matt Enman, Marshall Hersey and Chris Fuller.

Golfers for Orrington included: Ryan Enman, Mike Piirainen, Josh Stoll, Justin Gott, Lucas Butler, Ryan Curran, John Hodkiewicz, John Blakley, Joe the Mason, Mike Laterreur, Terry Pinkham, Ryan Andrews, Brian Enman, Gabe Geal, Dustin Perkins, Joe Baker, John Parcak and Scott Krieski.

There were also four closest-to-the-pin holes. Those winners were:

Hole #1 Matt Enman (two lobsters, each about 2.5 lbs)

Hole #5 Lucas Butler (same as above)

Hole #13 Matt Enman (Discraft Buzz w/ HukLab stamp)

Hole #16 Derek Ouellette (Jamaican sandals and hat, and 6-pack Red Stripe) HOORAY, BEER!

Third round optional $2 ace pot hooked 25 golfers with the condition that if nobody hit an ace during the round, the money would be given away with a CTP on hole 1 for all who put down their money. No ace was hit, and in the CTP round Joe 'the' Mason was closest and scored the $50.

Thanks to the Caribou disc golfers for making the 2.5 hour trip down to our section of Maine to play in the tournament. We loved having you but didn’t love seeing you take the trophy. We’ll be up next year to take it back!

Also thanks to the people who donated for the CTP prizes: Mike Piirainen for the lobstahs, Rob Underwood for the disc, and John Hodkiewicz for the Jamaican themed sandals/hat/beer combo.

Joe Baker lived up to his last name (sort of) and had burgers and hot dogs working on the grill between the second and third rounds. If you had a chance to fill up on grilled meat, thank Joe (and the Enman’s for providing it).

Wicked big thanks to Dave and Ryan Enman. Without their hard work and dedication to spreading the word of disc golf, the course in Orrington wouldn’t exist, and I guess to a larger extent, the course in Caribou wouldn’t either.

We’re really glad they do.