Sunday, April 24, 2011

Handicaps for Pilot Numbers *as of 4/23/2011


1-----Ryan Enman----------7

3-----Matt Enman-----------1

5-----Dave Enman---------12

6-----Brian Enman----------6

11----John Hodkiewicz----3

12----Aaron Weiskittel----14

13----Joe the Mason--------4

14----John Parcak----------16

15----Mike Piirainen-------10

20----Matt Young------------7

21----Joe Baker--------------9

23----Ryan Andrews--------8

24----Dustin Perkins--------6

27----Ryan Curran----------8

29----Bill Gehman---------15

30----Lucas Butler----------6

31----Brendon Beote-------9

34----Josh Weed-------------9

35----Justin Gott-------------1

38----Josh Stoll--------------5

40----James Taylor---------24

41----Justin Hardy----------13

42----Dan Lindsay----------16

43----Duncan Crowley-----9

45----Jason Wade-----------13

47----Jeremy Moulton-----14

48----Terry Hamel----------15

49---Mike Laterreur---------7

50---Tom Poulin------------12

52---James Merrill----------10

54---Jared Beal--------------15

56---Jim Ouellette-----------13

60---Martin Harper---------14

61---Tyler Pelkey-----------14

62---Andrew Catalina------19

63---Sean Murphy----------12

64---Seth Dickenson--------8

66---Bruno Asselin---------19

67---Manny Dasilva--------23

68---Mike Lane-------------14

69---Paul Decesere---------13

70---Luke Bulley------------17

71---Sarah Ripley-----------17

72---Kim Asselin------------24

73---Rachel Shropshire-----22

74---Austin Spencer---------20

75---Korey King-------------15

76---Rob Aquino------------12

77---Ben Phippen-----------10

79---Cam Darby------------14

80---Tyler Asselin-----------19

81---Israel Grant-------------13

83---Tristan Werner----------9

84---Jen Decesere------------33

85---Jared Hunnefeld-------22

87---Owen Holland----------7

89---Eric Poulsen------------16

90---Thom Schwarz---------12

91---Allen Adams------------9

92---Phil Avery--------------22

93---Josh Lynch--------------5

95---Dan Sanborn-----------16

97---Andrea Dickinson-----28

98---Danielle King----------32

100-Gordon Adams---------14

101-Jon Griffeths-----------15

102-Justice Sherrick--------23

103-Jamie White-------------6

104-Brandon Hardy---------16

106-Nate Rosenback--------16

107-Karl Rasche-------------16

108-Chris Thorne------------15

109-Kevin Thomas----------16

110-Andy Gallant-----------13

111-Mark Liimakka--------13

112-Jon Jones----------------14

113-Steve Burris-------------16

117-Mason Walling----------13

119-Sean Dewolski----------18

120-Tom Burg-----------------9

122-Vasbert Thompson-----18

123-Andrea Burris-----------36

124-Jason Good-------------22

125-Ryan Curry--------------12

126-Rick Abbott-------------14

127-Tom Daniels------------11

128-Chris Brunick------------6

129-Garrick Slate-----------13

130-Zack Curry--------------20

132-Peter Plank-------------20

133-Shane Eaton------------11

134-Kirk Ginish--------------15

137-Greg Plank--------------19

138-Tobin Vanbuskirk------13

139-Matt Stillwagon---------1

140-Conall Stillwagon-----20

141-Ben Brown-------------19

142-Derek Arnold-----------11

143-Tucker Davis------------10

144-Penguin Gray-----------20

145-Matt Louis--------------15

146-Sean Kinney------------25

147-Tyler Secord------------18

174-Matt Beaulieu----------12

917--Noah Fecteau-----------3

The course’s regular par is 72. Handicaps are based upon the PRO par for the course, which is 54.

Sunday Doubles - April 24, 2011

Quite a change in the weather from yesterday’s windy, rainy and chilly to today’s warmer, less windy 50ish degree day of disc golf. Fourteen on hand, several who had played in yesterday’s MPT event in the aforementioned weather.

Results below. Par is 72.

Joe Baker & Noah Fecteau 53 1st

John Parcak & Joe the Mason 55 2nd

Karl Rasche & Matt Stillwagon 56 3rd


Tom Poulin & Brian Enman t57

Gabe Hinds & Ryan Enman t57

Andy Rasche & Aaron Parcak 59

Conall Stillwagon & Josh Lynch 63

John Parcak, Andy Rasche and Aaron Parcak fairway of hole 3

Ace pot is at $248. It will cap at $250, but you know that you want - no NEED - $250, so come on out next Sunday! (Once capped at $250, all incoming ace pot money will roll into the next payout.)

Sunday doubles start time 10am. $5 entry + $1 ace pot (optional) + $5 greens fees = $11.

Directions to the course are here. Check us out on facebook here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

MPT - Saturday, April 23, 2011 @ Orrington

Registration will be open from 8am until 9:30am. If you already pre-registered, you still are required to check in during the registration period and pay your ace pot.

The Players Meeting is
AT 9:30am, so registrations will be taken right up to the Players Meeting. Start time is 10am. The sooner you arrive to register the closer to schedule the tournament can run.

Lunch will be on your own. There is a pizza shop, a Freshies quickie mart and Duncan Donuts nearby (about 3 miles or so).

All water on the course is casual.

Open (Men/Women/Masters) $30+$7 greens fees
Advanced (AM1/Adv Women/Adv Masters) $18+$7 greens fees
Intermediate (AM2/Intermediate Women) $11+$7 greens fees
Recreational $5 + $7 greens fees

Ace pot (optional) $5

Questions? (207)522-8985

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Doubles - April 10, 2011

It’s amazing what great weather does to attract disc golfers. Okay okay, the $250 ace pot - er, FORMER ace pot - probably added to the draw of 22 disc’ers coming out for some partner golf this Sunday morning. Temps around 60 and sunny. Gawjis spring day. Still a little snow on the ground but the course is playing nicely.

Results below. Par is 72.

Marshall Hersey & Chris Fuller 53 1st

Alden Strong & Lucas Butler 54 t2nd

Mason Walling & Joe the Mason 54 t2nd

John Parcak & Peter Hartson 55 4th


Tom Burg & John Hodkiewicz 56

Terry Pinkham & Matt Stillwagon 57t

Josh Weed & Josh Stoll 57t

Mike Piirainen & Joe Baker 59t

Rachel Elwell & Justin Gott 59t

Jon Jones & Brian Enman* 60

Conall Stillwagon & Ryan Curran 61

*Brian Enman, up for a few days while doing some work at the course, knocked down that ace pot today with his laser-line-drive-ace on hole 16. He pockets the $250 that’s been around for a long time. This means that the rollover ace pot is now THE ace pot and is currently sitting at $235. That will likely top out next Sunday at $250.

Brian Enman's drive on 16 resulted in an ace

Sunday doubles start time 10am. $5 entry + $1 ace pot (optional) + $5 greens fees = $11. See yah next Sunday!

Directions to the course are here. Check us out on facebook here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Doubles - April 3, 2011

With snow still on the ground from Friday's dumping, only six dedicated golfers came out to open the 2011 season for Sunday Doubles at DR Disc Golf in Orrington.

Josh Lynch & John Hodkiewicz 57 tie 1st
Ryan Curran & Joe the Mason 57 tie 1st
Team Parcak (Aaron & John) 65

Aaron Parcak and John Parcak

John Hodkiewicz, Josh Lynch and Ryan Curran

Nobody aced so the ace pot is still sitting at $250. The carryover ace pot is also getting up there, now at $213. "Yo, Somebody, hit the ace!"

Sunday Doubles - 10AM
$5 + $1 ace (optional) + $5 greens fees = $11

Don't forget that the Maine Players Tour is making a stop at DR Disc Golf on Saturday, April 23, 2011. You MUST pre-register for this event. All information regarding this, and all MPT events, can be found here at the Maine Disc Golfers site (you will need a PayPal account). The field is limited to 90 players, so sign up now!

The pileated woodpecker is back (he's toward the top of the center tree)

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Friday, April 1, 2011


Welcome golfers to the 2011 season at DR Disc Golf Course in Orrington!