Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Doubles March 28, 2010

Windy, chilly, and overcast, March came in like a lamb and is going out like a lion. That didn’t stop twelve golfers from heading out today for Sunday Doubles.

Par is 72. Results below.

Scott Macgowen & Josh Stoll....59 1st

Joe Baker & Ryan Andrews.......61 2nd
John Parcak & Joe the Mason....62

Mike Subilia & Brendon Beote....62

Mike Piirainen & Terry Pinkham..62

Brian Walls & Josh Lynch..........64

The ace was not hit and begins at $185 next week. ONE-EIGHTY-FIVE!!!

Sunday Doubles tees off at 10am. $5 plus your greens fees ($4 for one round or $8 all day play), $1 optional if you want to be in the ace pot.

See you next Sunday!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Handicaps for Pilot Numbers *as of 3/26/2010


1-----Ryan Enman---------10

2-----Rebecca Rackler---34

3-----Matt Enman------------4

5-----Dave Enman---------15

6-----Brian Enman----------5

11----John Hodkiewicz----6

13----Joe the Mason--------7

14----John Parcak----------22

15----Mike Piirainen-------12

16----Travis Vicary---------16

17----Kaj Thomsen----------7

18----John Blakley-----------7

19----Mark Horton----------16

20----Matt Young------------13

21----Joe Baker-------------14

22----Mary Horton----------16

23----Ryan Andrews-------12

24----Dustin Perkins-------13

25----Jake Worgull---------19

26----Scott Monroe---------16

27----Ryan Curran-----------8

28----John Rutter-----------31

29----Bill Gehman----------22

30----Lucas Butler-----------8

31----Brendon Beote--------9

32----Seth Emerson-------25

33----Eddie Bischoff-------22

34----Josh Weed-----------19

35----Justin Gott-------------4

36----Mike Subilia----------14

37----Tim Kenney-----------24

38----Josh Stoll-------------10

39----Brad Kearns---------18

40----James Taylor---------26

41----Justin Hardy----------18

42----Dan Lindsay----------23

43----Duncan Crowley------9

76----Rob Aquino-----------14

87----Owen Holland---------7

The course’s regular par is 72. Handicaps are based upon the PRO par for the course, which is 54.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Update: Maine Players Tour - Orrington DGC, 4/24/10

Update regarding registrations received for the Sunday, April 24, 1010 Maine Players Tour stop here in Orrington.

15 of the 90 spots filled *updated March 27, 2010

Joe Baker / Brian Enman / Matt Enman / Ryan Enman / Noah Fecteau / Joe the Mason / Dan Oleson / Jason Toothaker / Matt Young / Justin Gott / Josh Weed / Rob Aquino / Mike Laterreur / Charlie Sawyer / John Blakley

Entry Fees


Open.....................$30 + $6 = $36

Pro Master...............$30 + $6 = $36

AM Master................$25 + $6 = $31

AM 1......................$25 + $6 = $31

AM 2......................$15 + $6 = $21

Women...................$15 + $6 = $21

Recreational.............$10 + $6 = $16

Jrs.........................$10 + $6 = $16

Players Meeting @ 9:30 AM Sharp

Start Time @ 10:00 AM

Mail check or money order made out to: DR Disc Golf

Address: Ryan Enman, 115 Center Drive, Orrington, ME 04474

Be sure to include note listing your division.

Notes from Maine Players Tour:

1. The top 1/3 of each division will be paid out

2. The following amount from each entry fee goes toward the end of the year tournament: Open/Pro Master - $5; Women/AM1/AM Master - $3; AM2/Rec/Jr - $2

Click here for our facebook page and join the group if you want to receive updates via facebook.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Course Handicaps for Pilot Numbers

The numbers below are current as of March 20, 2010.


1-----Ryan Enman---------10

2-----Rebecca Rackler----34

3-----Matt Enman-----------3

5-----Dave Enman---------15

6-----Brian Enman----------5

11----John Hodkiewicz----6

13----Joe the Mason-------7

14----John Parcak---------22

15----Mike Piirainen------12

16----Travis Vicary--------16

17----Kaj Thomsen---------7

18----John Blakley---------7

19----Mark Horton---------16

20----Matt Young----------14

21----Joe Baker------------15

22----Mary Horton---------16

23----Ryan Andrews-------12

24----Dustin Perkins------13

25----Jake Worgull--------19

26----Scott Monroe--------16

27----Ryan Curran----------8

28----John Rutter----------31

29----Bill Gehman---------22

30----Lucas Butler----------8

31----Brendon Beote-------9

32----Seth Emerson-------25

33----Eddie Bischoff------22

34----Josh Weed----------19

35----Justin Gott-----------4

36----Mike Subilia---------14

37----Tim Kenney---------24

38----Josh Stoll------------11

39----Brad Kearns---------18

40----James Taylor--------27

41----Justin Hardy--------18

42----Dan Lindsay---------23

76----Rob Aquino---------14

87----Owen Holland-------7

The course’s regular par is 72. Handicaps are based upon the PRO par for the course, which is 54.

Sunday Doubles March 21, 2010

Welcome back to Sunday Doubles! Today was the new season’s first Sunday Doubles round. Sixteen golfers showed up under overcast skies, temps in the mid 40s to start but warming a bit as the day got older.

Par is 72. Results below.

Josh Stoll & Pete Hartson.........54 1st

Josh* Lynch & Ryan Enman........55 2nd

Joe Baker & Justin Gott...........57

John Parcak & Matt Enman........58

Josh Weed & Joe the Mason......59

Brendon Beote & Noah Fecteau..59

Matt Young & Mike Laterreur......59

Kristy Smith & John Hodkiewicz..60

The ace was not hit and will begin at $173 next week.

Sunday Doubles tees off at 10am. $5 plus your greens fees ($4 for one round or $8 all day play), $1 optional if you want to be in the ace pot.

See you next Sunday!

March 22, 2010 *Sorry Josh....corrected to "Josh" from "John". Joe the Mason takes full responsibility. Well, at least some.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Opening Day 2010 Will Be...

...Saturday, March 13, 2010!

Welcome back to Orrington Disc Golf Course everybody. The clubhouse will be re-opening on Saturday March 13, 2010. Hours of operation will be 9am until sunset.

Rounds of Golf are:
--$4 for one round
--$8 for all day

Stay tuned for an announcement of when Sunday doubles will start, and it won't be long before the Wednesday evening doubles start again, too. (Note: once Wednesday doubles start, the Sunday doubles will be no more until later in the year.)

Remember: Ace Pot for doubles will be picking up where it left off at $156.

See yah soon and remember: throw 'em if you got 'em.

Update as of 3/6/2010: Sunday doubles will start again on Sunday, March 21. Start time is 10am, so get there early to register.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Team Challenge for Feb Held at Woodland Valley

The February edition of the Team Challenge was held yesterday, the 28th, at the Woodland Valley Disc Golf Course in Limerick. Making the trip for Orrington were Justin Gott, Ryan Curran, Noah Fecteau, Matt Enman, Owen Holland and Binks.

There were 9 teams taking part and the results are below. The Orrington team, finished tied for fourth. Previous Team Challenge events have had close scores at the top, but...Whew!...this one was a blowout by the Grizzlies. Growl!


Team-----------Total Strokes

The Grizzlies--------263 1st Place

Burnsboro------------283 2nd Place

Dirty Birds------------286


Pink Ponies-----------288

Red Refugees---------289

Ackers Assassins------292

Black Bears------------299

Pleasant Hill----------300

I think, but am not 100% sure, that The Grizzlies are also known as Woodland Team A, and if so, they will be defending their three-in-a-row Team Challenge winning streak at the Burnsboro DGC in Vassalboro* this month. I couldn’t find a club page to link you to for Burnsboro, so if you know the URL, post it in comments and I’ll get it posted. Also correct me if I’m wrong about The Grizzlies winning streak.

Remember, Orrington DGC is on facebook. Click here.

*corrected from Vinylhaven. (I had a brain-fart on that one. Thanks anonymous for the correction and pdga link)