Saturday, November 7, 2009

Caribou downs Orrington in North vs South Tourney

The North vs South Civil War tournament happened today at the Orrington Disc Golf course. Sixteen disc golfers made their way down to Orrington from their course in Caribou to take on Orrington’s golfers in a three-round, match-play event. In the end, the North won in big fashion, turning on the crushinator and beating Orrington on their home course by a score of 82 1/2 to 61 1/2.

Each team had 8 doubles teams for the first round, 8 doubles teams for the second round, and 16 golfers for the third round singles match play.

First round was doubles, best shot match play. Six points were available to each pairing: 2 points for the front 9 holes, 2 points for the back 9, and 2 points for overall.

Caribou: 27 points

Orrington: 21 points

Second round was doubles, best disc match play. Six points were again available to each pairing.

Caribou: 32

Orrington: 16

Third round was singles, match play. Three points were available to each pairing: 1 point for the front 9, 1 point for the back 9, and 1 point for the overall.

Caribou: 23 1/2

Orrington: 24 1/2

Golfers for Caribou included: George Michaels, Mike Plourde, Derek Ouellette, Rob Aquino, Virgil Rideout, Brian ‘Scurvy’ Skirman, Corey Vincent, Tom ‘Binks’ Albert, Rob Udnerwood, Jay Michaud, Matt Kinney, Nate Harris, Sheldon Hyde, Matt Enman, Marshall Hersey and Chris Fuller.

Golfers for Orrington included: Ryan Enman, Mike Piirainen, Josh Stoll, Justin Gott, Lucas Butler, Ryan Curran, John Hodkiewicz, John Blakley, Joe the Mason, Mike Laterreur, Terry Pinkham, Ryan Andrews, Brian Enman, Gabe Geal, Dustin Perkins, Joe Baker, John Parcak and Scott Krieski.

There were also four closest-to-the-pin holes. Those winners were:

Hole #1 Matt Enman (two lobsters, each about 2.5 lbs)

Hole #5 Lucas Butler (same as above)

Hole #13 Matt Enman (Discraft Buzz w/ HukLab stamp)

Hole #16 Derek Ouellette (Jamaican sandals and hat, and 6-pack Red Stripe) HOORAY, BEER!

Third round optional $2 ace pot hooked 25 golfers with the condition that if nobody hit an ace during the round, the money would be given away with a CTP on hole 1 for all who put down their money. No ace was hit, and in the CTP round Joe 'the' Mason was closest and scored the $50.

Thanks to the Caribou disc golfers for making the 2.5 hour trip down to our section of Maine to play in the tournament. We loved having you but didn’t love seeing you take the trophy. We’ll be up next year to take it back!

Also thanks to the people who donated for the CTP prizes: Mike Piirainen for the lobstahs, Rob Underwood for the disc, and John Hodkiewicz for the Jamaican themed sandals/hat/beer combo.

Joe Baker lived up to his last name (sort of) and had burgers and hot dogs working on the grill between the second and third rounds. If you had a chance to fill up on grilled meat, thank Joe (and the Enman’s for providing it).

Wicked big thanks to Dave and Ryan Enman. Without their hard work and dedication to spreading the word of disc golf, the course in Orrington wouldn’t exist, and I guess to a larger extent, the course in Caribou wouldn’t either.

We’re really glad they do.

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  1. Nice write-up and pics!! It's bitter sweet to see the northern crew (my old team) come down and take the trophy from my new southern rebels...