Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Civil War: North vs South Tournament

Tournament is this Saturday, November 7, 2009 at the Orrington DGC. Players meeting 7:30am sharp. First round tees off at 8am. Second round 10:45am. Third round 1:45pm.

Round one: doubles (best shot)

Round two: doubles (best disc/score)

Round three: singles (match play)

Here is the list of the doubles teams and the single players for our club. Info on the Caribou players and doubles teams is not available at this time.

Round One Doubles match play (best shot)

Mike Piirainen & Josh Stoll

Justin Gott & Lucas Butler

Ryan Curran & John Hodkiewicz

John Blakley & Joe the Mason

Mike Laterreur & Ryan Enman

Terry Pinkham & Ryan Andrews

Gabe Geal & Brian Enman

Dustin Perkins & Joe Baker

Round Two Doubles match play (best disc/score)

The doubles teams for this round will be the same as above, with the exception a couple of people who will be subbing in; the final doubles line-up for the second round will be available Saturday (Second round golfers include: Scott Krieski, Brian Enman, Justin Gott, Ryan Curran, John Blakley, Mike Laterreur, John Hodkiewicz, Terry Pinkham, Joe the Mason, Lucas Butler, Ryan Enman, Gabe Geal, Ryan Andrews, John Parcak, Mike Piirainen, Josh Stoll)

Third Round Singles (match play)

Gabe Geal

Brian Enman

Justin Gott

Ryan Curran

John Blakley

Mike Laterreur

John Hodkiewicz

Terry Pinkham

Joe the Mason

Lucas Butler

Ryan Enman

Scott Krieski

Dustin Perkins

Joe Baker

Mike Piirainen

Josh Stoll

The match-ups with Caribou will be done Saturday morning during the players meeting. Bring your lunch...and dinner!

Mike Piirainen is planning on bringing some lobsters up. He’s donating lobsters for a CTP prize, and will also have some for sale, $4.50-$7/each depending on the size. What a deal!

See yah Saturday, and let’s kick us some Caribou butt!

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