Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Philadelphia Disc Golf - Sedgley Woods in Philly

There is a guy who produces a disc golf show in the Philadelphia/NJ/Delaware area called Disc Golf Monthly. Kevin McGorry has been shooting, editing and producing this show for many years, since about 2004. It started out being carried only by a couple of local channels in the Philly area, but after some persistence, Kevin was able to get the show on Comcast's "On Demand" channel. He continues to this day to produce a new show each month and covers disc golf in the Philadelphia disc golf area.

As a note, in PA/NJ/DE/VA/MD, most disc golf courses are in state parks, so it is the park service that takes care of the land such as mowing, etc. Disc golfers, however, maintain the courses (baskets, scorecards, etc) on an all-volunteer basis. The club at each course also runs their tournaments.

The disc golf course in Philadelphia was put into the ground in March of 1977, but an organized club did not form until a few years later. Learn about it here if you're interested. (This is from 2004)

In addition to covering history of courses, Kevin also records tournaments and below is a clip of one of Sedgley Woods' most beloved tournaments, the Paul Fein Memorial (but Paul is actually still alive and kicking). Note: you may recognize someone in this clip. The second half of this clip is not on YouTube, so it's not available. This is from the 2004 tourney.

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