Monday, April 28, 2014

Saturday Singles League results - April 26, 2014

Cloudy, but decent weather. Course is still drying out from the melting snow and rain from last week.

Results are handicapped based: score - handicap = league score.

1st  Bud Robbins  65-12 = 53

tied 2nd  Dan Lindsay  70-13 = 57

tied 2nd  Jeremy Moulton  64-7 = 57
tied 2nd  Tim Underwood  64-7 = 57
5th  Matt Duperry  67-9 = 58
6th  JT  75-14 = 61

NOTE: There will be NO singles league next Saturday, May 3rd, because the Maine Players Tour event will be happening. The course will be CLOSED to casual golf until after the tournament is over, approximately 4:30pm.

Saturday Singles League will be back to its normal schedule on May 10. You MUST register no later than 9:55am. Round starts promptly at 10am.  $5 entry + $1 ace (optional) = $6. Greens fees are separate ($5 round/$10 all day).

No aces hit this week, so ace pot on May 10 will be around $230. One shot wins it all (or splits if someone else hits).

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