Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday Handicap Singles Leagues - April 12, 2014

Great day - sunny, mid-50s by the time the round was over. Most of the fairways are showing wood chips but there is still some snow to melt. Course is a bit wet (and there are a couple of deep puddles/moats) as the melting is happening, so wear the proper footwear or deal with cold, wet feet!

Time to get out for Saturday Singles League! Every Saturday morning, 10 am start, register NO LATER than 9:50am.  $5 + $1 ace pot (optional) = $6. Greens fees are additional ($5 one round or $10 all day play). Handicaps are used for this tournament.

Side note: you can get a DR Disc Golf tag for $10. Each time you are with someone who has a tag better than you, challenge them! Saturday Singles League is a place this can happen, but as with all tag leagues, this is based on scratch golf scores, not handicap. Play 'em if you got 'em!

Yesterday's league results are below. Remember: the ace pot is active again and sits around $220 bucks. Hit an ace, take home unreported-to-the-IRS cash!

Results from April 12, 2013.
(score - minus handicap = final league score)

1st  JT  61-13 = 48  (BOOM!)
2nd Binks  56-5 = 51
tied 3rd  Cloud Forrest  58-5 = 53
tied 3rd  Rich May  66-13 = 53
5th  Bud Robbins  66-12 = 54
6th  Dave Fisher  65-10 = 55
7th  Ian Beaupre  63-6 = 57
8th  Jarod McBreairty  68-10 = 58
tied 9th  Joe the Mason  65 - 6 = 59
tied 9th  Vasbert Thompson 74-15 = 59
11th  John Parcak  72-12 = 60
12th  Matt Duperry  69-8 = 61
tied 13th  Dan Lindsay  73-11 = 62
tied 13th  Jeremy Moulton  69-7 = 62

Next Saturday, 10am start for the next round of Handicap Singles. No aces hit this week so the ace pot will start around $225. One throw is all it takes...

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