Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Doubles, June 24, 2013

Cloudy, humid, mid 70s.

Results are below.

Course par is 72. (Pro-Par is 54)

1st  Jake Silver & Mason Walling  52
tied 2nd  Paul DeCesere & Matt Enman  54
tied 2nd  Adam Batman West & Tye Cobb  54
tied 4th
  Dan Lindsay & Seth Dickinson  55
tied 4th  Daryl Zito & Cloud Forrest  55
tied 4th Dave Enman & Steve Lindsay  55
7th  Vasbert Thompson & Travis Blackner  56
8th  John Parcak & John Buckett Collins  57

Big ACE POT news….it’s been a busy three weeks, that’s for sure:
-3 Weeks ago, Tom Collins aced (don’t know what hole) to take home the capped $250.
-2 Weeks ago, Seth Dickinson aced (don’t know which hole) to take home the back-up ace pot which had accumulated to $161.
-Then last week, Vasbert Thompson aced (again, which hole? Me no know…) to take home the new, just started ace pot of $20.

No ace was hit this week and will start next week at $16. You can’t win in it if you ain’t in it!

Sunday Doubles starts at 10am, please sign in no later than 9:50am.

To enter: $5 + $1 ace (optional) = $6. Greens fees are separate: $5 or $10.

Directions to the course are here. Find us on facebook here.

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