Sunday, June 23, 2013

Handicap Doubles League Forming for 5 Week Run

Below is information about a 10 team handicap doubles league forming at DR Disc Golf.

First and Foremost: If you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL about this league, call the clubhouse at 522-8985. That number again is 522-8985. This website may or may not be updated with any additional information about this league other than what you’re about to read below. So, if you have ANY questions about this league they won’t be answered in the comments of the facebook site, they’ll be answered by calling the clubhouse at 522-8985.
1. The league will start as soon as 10 teams have signed up.
2. Schedule your own matches.
3. Sign up with your own partner or the clubhouse will find one for you.
4. You have 5 weeks to shoot 9 matches.
5. Cost: $6/week, per player, plus greens fees. (Payout breakdown: $3 to points, $2 payout, $1 ace). So total per player for the 9 matches would be $54.
6. If no aces hit during the 5 weeks the ace pot money will roll into the payout for the top 4 finishing teams. No ace is paid in the event of hitting an ace on a playoff hole.
7. Handicaps are added then divided by 3 and rounded to nearest whole number.
8. Points: 6 points are awarded for each match (2 for front 9 holes, 2 for back 9, 2 for overall score)
9. It’s first signed-up first-served, 10 team maximum.

Find a partner and sign up soon!

Any questions?  Call the clubhouse

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