Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Doubles - March 25, 2012

Chilly, cloudy and drizzly weather greeted todays golfers for Sunday doubles. And for the third week in a row, Cloud Forrest was a member of the winning team, second week in a row with Pete Hartson as his partner. It's possible that he is...The Man.
Results below. Course par is 72.
1st Cloud Forrest & Pete Hartson 51
2nd Mason Walling & Seth Dickinson 54
t3rd Brad Greenlaw & Ryan Enman 55
t3rd Jon Jone & Josh Lynch 55
t5th John Parcak & Joe the Mason 56
t5th Tom Burg & Brian Enman 56
t5th Jeremy Moulton & Noah Fecteau 56
8th Mike Bradford & Casey Poussard 57

Somebody got an ace today. It was on hole 5, with a flick...and his name rhymes with Moah Mecteau. Can you guess who it was from that clue? Can you? Huh??? Okay, it was Noah Fecteau and he pockets the $250 ace pot. There is the carry-over ace pot and it’ll be starting next week at $91.
Sunday doubles START time 10am. Sign up by 9:50am.  $5 entry + $1 ace pot (optional) + $5 greens fees = $11. See yah next Sunday!
Note: A Saturday singles league has started. This is handicapped-based, but in a singles format. Start time is 10am and fees the same as Sunday doubles (listed above).

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