Saturday, March 17, 2012

Handicaps for Pilot Numbers (as of 3/17/2012)

If you have a pilot number but don't see your name on the list below, you will see your name on this list as soon as you turn in a singles round score this year.
Hey Justin, Ryan has your Boss

1----Ryan Enman--------5
3----Matt Enman---------1
5----Dave Enman--------11
13---Joe the Mason------4
14---John Parcak--------12
19---Mark Horton-------13
20---Matt Young---------6
22---Mary Horton-------14
24---Dustin Perkins------6
27---Ryan Curran--------6
30---Lucas Butler--------2
35---Justin Gott----------2
37---Tim Kenney-------23
38---Josh Stoll-----------5
40---James Taylor------18
42---Dan Lindsay-------14
46---Josh York-----------11
47---Jeremy Moulton---10
51---Chris Honey---------9
60---Martin Harper------13
61---Tyler Pelkey--------13
77---Ben Phippen--------12
85---Jared Hunnefeld----20
93---Josh Lynch-----------4
102-Justice Sherrick-----16
107-Karl Rasche----------13
112-Jon Jones-------------14
117-Mason Walling-------8
120-Tom Burg------------12
122-Vasbert Thompson--11
139-Matt Stillwagon------0
140-Conall Stillwagon---22
154-Jay Hayes-------------6
160-Tim Bremm---------13
165-Aaron Parcak--------4
170-Dale Goodman------20
172-Jasper Hall-----------9
179-Mike Clune----------9
194-Mike Bassi----------11
197-Charlie Reinstein---15
198-Skip Hawley--------13
199-Jenni Craig----------34
200-Josh Hallsey--------17
206-Kirby Kelly---------15
222-Marcus Files--------15
224-Casey Poussard-----4
225-Andrew Kenney----20
227-Tye Cobb-----------12
228-Andy Rasche-------10
232-Jon Penner----------16
234-Brendan Burgess--19
235-Caleb Savage------17
237-Jerry Hayes--------20
238-Eric Brooks--------19
688-Cloud Forrest-------7
917--Noah Fecteau------4
The course par is 72. Handicaps are based upon the PRO par for the course, which is 54.

The pileated woodpecker is digging for some grub

Handicap Singles League - Saturday mornings, 10am start.  Register by 9:45am.  $5 entry + $1 optional ace pot + greens fees ($5 or $10) and you’re in!

Help me, I'm stuck!

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