Monday, February 20, 2012

Gamblers Cup Doubles - Feb 18

The weather cooperated for the 2nd Annual Gamblers Cup Doubles event at DR Disc Golf course on Saturday, February 18, 2012. For a February day, temperatures in the mid-to-high 30s and mostly sunny with some winds, was welcomed by all of the golfers in attendance. Thirty-six golfers in all making up the 18-team field playing 2 rounds. Course pro-par is 54. Results below. Congrats to the winners - top 6 paid out! New course record set by Sean 'Beef' Stanton & Nick Blouin. Wowzer!


Sean Beefy Stanton and Nick Blouin 48*/51 = 99

tied 2nd

Jason Dore/Kory Roy 52/50 = 102

Chris LeClair/Ryan Borque 51/51 = 102

Bryan Jordan/Gary Ellsworth 51/51 = 102

tied 5th

Ken Swift/Tyler Grady 49/55 = 104

Nick Gagne/Dan Hale 51/53 = 104



Josh Connell/Casey Poussard 52/53 = 105

tied 8th

Lucas Butler/Justin Gott 54/52 = 106

Daryl Cormier/Pete Hartson 56/50 = 106

Brian Enman/Matt Enman 53/53 = 106

tied 11th

Noah Fecteau/David Gipson 54/54 = 108

Bobby Brooks/Adam Asselin 53/55 = 108


Josh Stoll/Terry Pinkham 52/57 = 109


Josh Prescott/Josh Lynch 52/59 = 111


Jason Toothaker/Matt Stillwagon 56/57 = 113


Jim Tufts/Brendan Johnson 57/57 = 114


Joe Roy/Pat Roy 63/55 = 118


Mason Walling/Jason Hayes 60/59 = 119

*course record

There were a bunch of CTPs consisting of beer, soda, Subway cards, bacon (YES...Bacon!). Winners were Jim Tufts, Justin Gott, Tyler Grady (soda), Beef, DC won the bacon, and there were others whose names have been misplaced. Sorry!

Thanks are in order for:

-Matt Stillwagon for getting the Gamblers Cup back up and running.

-Dave & Ryan Enman for opening up the clubhouse for this event and providing the coffee and pastries.

-People who brought grub for between rounds, including Dave & Ryan Enman, Matt Stillwagon, Brian Enman, Josh Lynch, Joe the Mason and Casey Poussard.

-The people and businesses who provided CTPs including, but not limited to: Fairmount Market & Subway.

-All the golfers from near and far for coming to Dr Disc Golf course for this event

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