Friday, October 12, 2012

Orrington vs Trenton v2 - October 12, 2012

The 2nd Annual Orrington vs Trenton tournament is tomorrow, Saturday, October 12, 2012. Last year Trenton kicked Orrington's butt in the three round event (two were at DR DGC and one at Hapana DGC). This year all three rounds are at DR DGC in Orrington.

Trenton is bringing 14 players, and while they have not provided a team name, in honor of the popular red hot dogs, we'll dub them the Trenton Weiners:  **snicker**
Justin Gott
Peter Hartson
Ryan Curran
Lucas Butler
Josh Stoll
Mike Bradford
Alden Strong
Mike Clough
Terry Pinkham
Matt Schneider
Chris Ross
Chris Leland
Duncan Crowley
Mike Piirainen

The team from Orrington, known as the CRUSHINATORS! for the sake of this post, consists of:
Matt Stillwagon 
Matt Enman
Matt Young
Casey Poussard 
Joe the Mason
Cloud Forrest
Jamie Merrill
Ryan Enman
Josh Lynch
Brian Enman
Adam West
Jeremy Moulton
Mike Bassi
John Parcak

**teams subject to change

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