Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Doubles - July 29, 2012

Good turnout for a sprinkly Sunday morning.

Results below. Course par is 72. (Pro par = 55)
1st   Adam West & Lucas Butler  50
2nd  James Taylor & Justin Gott  51
tied 3rd  Dan Lindsay & Josh Lynch  52
tied 3rd  Steve Lindsay & Matt Stillwagon  52
5th  John Parcak & Noah Fecteau  56
6th  Vasbert Thompson & Cloud Forrest  57
7th  Conall Stillwagon & Jon Griffeths  61
Not sure what the ace pot currently sits at. It’s at least $14 from today’s contributions, but it’s actually much higher than that, just haven’t been given the actual amount in quite some time. If you hit it, you’ll find out how much it is, I guess.

Sunday doubles STARTS at 10am, which means you should be signing-up no later than 9:50am. Arriving at 10am is not cool. 

To enter: $5 entry + $1 ace pot (optional) + $5 greens fees = $11. See yah next Sunday!

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