Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Doubles - April 8, 2012

This morning's weather was was a bit chilly, with a breeze, cloudy and light snow showers, then light rain and snow, then switching to light rain. A decent showing of 16 golfers despite it being a holiday morning.

Results below. Course par is 72.
1st Mike Martin & Matt Enman  52
tied 2nd Jeremy Moulton & Brian Enman  56
tied 2nd John Parcak & Ryan Enman  56
tied 2nd Terry Pinkham & Seth Dickinson  56
tied 2nd Gabe Bennett & Mason Walling  56
6th Mike Bradford & Cloud Forrest  58
7th Adam West & Casey Poussard  59
8th Karl Rasche & Joe the Mason 61

Matt Enman skip-aced hole 13 with a flick shot to take home the $121 ace pot. Next week the ace pots starts at zero! It hasn’t been at $0 in a long, long time.

Wow...did the Enmans dominate today or what?? 1st, 2nd and 3rd place...and an ace!

Sunday doubles START time 10am. Sign up by 9:50am.  $5 entry + $1 ace pot (optional) + $5 greens fees = $11. See yah next Sunday!

Note: A separate Saturday singles league has started. This is handicapped-based, but in a singles format. Start time is 10am and fees the same as Sunday doubles (listed above).

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