Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gamblers Cup Doubles

The inaugural Gamblers Cup Doubles was played at the course today, Sunday, November 28, 2010. This higher-stakes Pro/Am doubles event, $100 per team, brought out six teams to compete for the cash. Second place would get their money back, first place would get the rest. It was two rounds, with a break in between that had Joe Baker cooking up hot dogs for the playahs.

Ryan Curran and Matt Stillwagon

Weather was great, sunny all day, temp about 40, breezy occasionally.

Nick Gagne, Sean Leavitt, Gary Ellsworth and Kory Roy (back)

There ended up being a tie for first. The teams opted to just split the first & second payout, but they played it off anyway to have a clear winner.

Justin Gott (back), Joe Baker & Noah Fecteau

Sean Leavitt & Gary Ellsworth 51/53 t104 (won playoff on second hole)

Kory Roy & Nick Gagne 55/49* t104

Joe the Mason & Justin Gott 53/52 105

Mike Fyfe & Justin Mondore 55/56 111

Ryan Curran & Matt Stillwagon 57/58 115

Joe Baker & Noah Fecteau 58/59 117

*ties course doubles record


Nobody hit the ace. Justin Gott won the CTP to hole #1 for the ace pot.

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