Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Handicaps League Begins Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beginning Thursday, May 20 is the Orrington Handicaps League. This will be held every Thursday at 5pm for the next 8 weeks. $5 Entry fee + $1 ace (optional), and your greens fees ($4 one round/$8 all day).

To enter, you must have played enough rounds at the course to have a handicap. If you have played 5 rounds, you likely have a handicap. You can check the full handicaps list at the course.

Players will be matched in pairs via random draw. You will then go out in pairs and play against each other. The handicap difference will be reflected in scores. For instance, a +2 handicap vs a +6 handicap: the difference is 4 strokes, so the higher handicap would get two strokes on the front, and two strokes on the back to their advantage. Once round is over, 1 points is awarded to golfer who won the front, one point to the golfer who won the back, and one point for the overall. In the case of ties, the point is split between the golfers, so it’s possible to get 1.5 points, for instance.

For the ace, it will be a cumulative ace pot to be paid at the end of the eight weeks and split between everyone who hits an ace during this league only. This ace pot will not be part of the doubles ace pot. If no aces hit during the 8 week period, it will be CTP on hole #1 for everyone at the last event.

Results will be kept and at the end of the 8 week league, the top 1/3 in points will be paid out.

Further information available at the course regarding this 8 week league.

Again, this league starts tomorrow, Thursday, May 20th and will run for 8 Thursdays. 5pm start.

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