Monday, March 1, 2010

Team Challenge for Feb Held at Woodland Valley

The February edition of the Team Challenge was held yesterday, the 28th, at the Woodland Valley Disc Golf Course in Limerick. Making the trip for Orrington were Justin Gott, Ryan Curran, Noah Fecteau, Matt Enman, Owen Holland and Binks.

There were 9 teams taking part and the results are below. The Orrington team, finished tied for fourth. Previous Team Challenge events have had close scores at the top, but...Whew!...this one was a blowout by the Grizzlies. Growl!


Team-----------Total Strokes

The Grizzlies--------263 1st Place

Burnsboro------------283 2nd Place

Dirty Birds------------286


Pink Ponies-----------288

Red Refugees---------289

Ackers Assassins------292

Black Bears------------299

Pleasant Hill----------300

I think, but am not 100% sure, that The Grizzlies are also known as Woodland Team A, and if so, they will be defending their three-in-a-row Team Challenge winning streak at the Burnsboro DGC in Vassalboro* this month. I couldn’t find a club page to link you to for Burnsboro, so if you know the URL, post it in comments and I’ll get it posted. Also correct me if I’m wrong about The Grizzlies winning streak.

Remember, Orrington DGC is on facebook. Click here.

*corrected from Vinylhaven. (I had a brain-fart on that one. Thanks anonymous for the correction and pdga link)

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  1. Burnsboro is in Vassalboro. Rick doesn't have a website. This is the closest you will find Great short wooded course where 45's and below are not uncommon. I believe the doubles record is still 37. Yep, 17 deuces and 1 par. Careful of the Burnsboro baskets. They can be unkind. Good luck all.