Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sunday Doubles League Starting

Beginning this Sunday, September 6, a weekly round of random doubles will begin. We'll start this round at 10am each Sunday morning, so come out and play.

With the handicap system pretty well in place, the teams will be randomly selected based on your handicap at the course. This system has been used the last couple of weeks of Wednesday Doubles (results from each Wednesday Doubles can be found below) and has shown that this has created teams of equal ability. It's a good system and will be used for the Sunday doubles as well.

It should be noted that the Wednesday doubles will only be held for one, maybe two, more weeks. We're losing daylight so fast it's becoming difficult to get the last group in while there's still light left. By having the Sunday doubles league starting, this gives the local golfers another opportunity to come out for some partner-golfing. And the whole winning $$ thing is a pretty good draw, too.

Oh, and of course, Dave's nachos. We've always got Dave's nachos.

Remember: you can pick up discs in the clubhouse. You'll also find golf bags, ball caps and minis. There's also cold soda and bottled water in addition to small snacks like danishes, sunflower seeds, jerky and other items.

See yah Sunday!

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