Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Doubles

We set a new record for doubles: 18 golfers played this week, besting last week’s 16. If we keep setting records like this, we’ll have to call Guinness....and we're talking the brewery, not the book.

Mostly sunny and in the low 80s, great weather for a round of golf. Par is 72.

Ryan Curran & Derek Bradford 54 1st place

Josh Stoll & Joe the Mason 55 2nd

John Hodkiewicz & Kaj Thomsen 56 3rd

Matt Enman & Brendan Beote 57

Mike Piirainen & Justin Gott 58

Peter Hartson & Beth W 62

Terry Pinkham & Beth 64

Matt Richardon & Mike Bradford 65

Boeff & Travis Vicary 67

Doubles starts at 5pm. $5 ($1 ace pot optional). Non-members also have their $4 greens fees or can continue on if they’ve already paid $8 for all-day golf. No aces were hit today, so the ace pot now stands at $60. See you next week.


  1. Good to see such great mix of ages and experience on wednesdays. We probably only have a few weeks left of doubles on wednesday, so lets start thinking about weekend activities during the day in the fall. Or perhaps a sunday tournament. I know about the Caribou/Orrington extravaganza, but I work saturdays. BTW, most of us are pretty mellow out there, so its refreshing to hear a little "Philly attitude" out on the course.("You know who you are!", as Mother Superior used to say.) Laughter has always been part of the game.
    See you out there,JH

  2. Hmmm...who could JH be? **heh heh heh** Just an FYI: Dave mentioned bringing it up at doubles tomorrow (Sept 2) about moving the doubles to Sunday mornings, 10am. We'll talk about it and the update will be posted here.